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3D Printing Tissue – More Bioprinting Advances

November 24, 2015

\\ Plastic tissue realized by 3d printing technology. Researchers developed a new method enabling them to print with soft materials such as collagens, alginates and fibrins that naturally appear in the body. To date, medical 3D printing has been mainly used to create prosthetics.


Bioprinting and 3D Printing – Cellular Structure Being 3D Printing In Switzerland

November 13, 2015

Researchers at the federal technology institute ETH Zurich have developed a way of producing body parts containing cartilage, with the help of a 3D printer. One of the first practical applications of this method is reconstructive surgery. Damaged body parts, like a nose or an ear, can be rebuilt in a computer 3D model. Cartilage cells are thenremoved through a biopsy. In the laboratory these cells are cultivated and mixed with a biopolymer which is used as a shaping mould. From this body parts can then be shaped with a 3D printer. The reconstructed body part is then ready to be transplanted into the body. Bioprinting advancing again and again!


3D Printing Teleportation, Bioprinting Human Organs, 3D Printed Drugs and More of the Dark Side of 3D Printing

January 22, 2015

3D Printing -The History of a Public Controversy 3D Printing Teleportation of Physical Objects New 3D Printing Developments in 3D Printed Prosthetics Advances in Bioprinting Human Organs Sparking Social and Moral Debate 3D Bioprinting Chemputer Could Democratise Complex Chemistry And Make Any Drug Cost Effective 3D Printed Guns and 3D Printing Hype


BioPrinting Video – First Bio Printing Event Held In Singapore

August 31, 2014

First Bio-printing Event in Singapore at Biopolis, Singapore. Biopolis is an international research and development centre located in Singapore for biomedical sciences. Biomanufacturing is getting bigger and more famous in Asia. This conference marks a historical beginning in Singapore


Bioprinting World – 3D Printing Medical Applications – Bio-printing Videos and Info

June 3, 2014

Bioprinting World is your source for bio-printing info and videos. Discover how 3d printing technology is used in human tissue engineering for medical research and therapeutic applications. The 3d printer is optimized with biomaterial to be able to print skin tissues, heart tissue, and blood vessels among other basic tissues. What is bioprinting? What is bio-ink? Learn about 3d printed prosthetics, human organs, surgical therapy, and how bioprinting will change the pharmaceutical and medical industry.


Bioprinting World Features Latest Info and Videos on Bioprinting 3D Printing Medical Technology

June 3, 2014

Bioprinting is a new area of research and engineering that involves printing devices that deposit biological material. The long-term goal is that the technology could be used to create replacement organs or even entire organisms from raw biological materials. Cardiovascular scientists have announced that it will be possible to 3D print a whole heart from the patients’ own cells within a decade. A bioengineer has been quoted saying that the heart is one of the easiest organs to bioprint. In fact, scientists have already bioengineered a coronary artery and printed the smallest blood vessels in the heart used in microcirculation.


Bioprinting Video – Questions Asked About Regulation of Bioprinting

May 18, 2014

But while 3D printing holds promise for patients, it poses immense challenges for regulators, who must assess how to—or whether to—regulate the burgeoning sector. In a recent FDA Voice blog posting, FDA regulators noted that 3D-printed medical devices have already been used in FDA-cleared clinical interventions, and that it expects more devices to emerge in the future. Much of the debate on the FDA s effectiveness will continue on on bioprinting websites.