Vintage 1920 and 1930 Movie Star Souvenir Writing Tablet Treasures Spencer Tracy, Betty Grable & Richard Barthelmess

July 18, 2017

The success, of 1920’s silent films and 1930’s talkies, had America celebrating, it’s motion picture idols. Fans, couldn’t get enough, movie tobacco trade cards, glossy arcade photos, or screen star writing tablets. These, incredible writing souvenirs, feature a color lithograph print of each famous actor. My Forever Treasures, is pleased to offer, 3 movie star tablet classics. Richard Bartelmess, 1920’s silent film superstar. 1930’s legends, Betty Grable and Spencer Tracy, complete our movie star tablet trio. Wow. Richard Barthemless, was a silent film legend. His, 90 year old writing tablet, show why his good looks, had female fans wide-eyed. 1922 Photoplay, described him as The, idol of every girl in America. Loved, for his roles opposite Lillian Gish and classics, such as The Patent Leather Kid, and 1927’s Noose. Barthelmess, was nominated, for a Best Actor Academy Award, at the very first ceremony. (1934-1946) Betty Grable was, Hollywood’s record setting box office sensation. World War 2, had American soldiers adoring, her pin-up powers. Grable’s 42 films, including Coney Island, and Down Argentina Way, grossed $100 million. Her, beautiful 20th Century-Fox Studio writing tablet, was on everyone’s Xmas list. Spencer Tracy, appeared in 75 films and was one []


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