Rare Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Pinback Party Vintage Classics

July 9, 2017

Welcome, to My Forever Treasures, first Historical Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Pinback Collection. Collecting music pinbacks, offers souvenirs and mementos, that embrace wonderful memories. Our, collections reconnect us to musicians, songs and shows we’ve loved. They’ve, always been a staple for tours, albums and iconic images. (Woodstock ’69.) Among, the most popular are, radio/venue promotions. (WPLJ Salutes The Who in N.Y.C.’76.) Record label classics are winners.(Rumours, Fleetwood Mac’77) The incredible success, of our last Pinback Parade, has us celebrating music’s best. Our, rare R. & R. Hall of Fame Pinback Classics, include Don’t Knock the Rock,film.’56. Beatles,’64. Stones Fan Club’64. The Last Waltz, Band’76. Say It Loud..James Brown’68. Rumours,Fleetwood Mac’77. B.Graham Presents The Grateful Dead’88. WPLJ Salutes The Who’76. N.Y.C. Woodstock’69, and so much more. Don’t Knock The Rock, is our first 3 museum piece. It’s, from the 1956 film, starring Little Richard and Bill Haley & the Comets. Richard, was inducted in the Hall’s first 1986 Class, with Elvis and James Brown. Haley, in 1987. James Brown’s rare 3 Say It Loud. I’m Black And I’m Proud, 1968. was one of his biggest hits, and a highlight of Brown’s shows. Elvis,Love Me Tender,Flasher’56 was []


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