Intent Based Networking

June 24, 2017

What Is Intent-Based Networking? Network World

Network World What is intent-based networking? Gartner Research Vice President Andrew Lerner says intent-based networking systems (IBNS) are not new, and in fact the ideas behind IBNS have been around for years. What’s new is that machine learning algorithms have advanced to a point where IBNSand more

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Apstra pioneered the use of intent-based reasoning for network operators. Now, intent-based-everything has become all the rage, with widespread analyst acclaim and lots of vendors jumping on the bandwagon.


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Apstra Operating System Overview

The New Network. Inspired by You

Intent Based Networking News

Apstra to Demonstrate First Vendor-Agnostic, Intent-Based Networ ABC6 Providence, RI and New Bedford, MA WLNE-TV (ABC6)

Apstra to Demonstrate First Vendor-Agnostic, Intent-Based Networ ABC6 Providence, RI and New Bedford, MA WLNE-TV (ABC6)Apstra, Inc., has delivered the first and only vendor-agnostic, closed-loop, fully intent-based networking system to transf

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Why Cisco’s new intent-based networking could be a big deal Network World

http://news.google.com Wed, 21 Jun 2017 15:50:30 GMT

Network World Why Cisco’s new intent-based networking could be a big deal Scentsy, a $500 million manufacturer and seller of wickless candles, got an early look at what Cisco and some analysts are saying could be the next big thing in the

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Cumulus Networks Launches NetQ, a Telemetry-Based Fabric Business Wire

Cumulus Networks Launches NetQ, a Telemetry-Based Fabric Business Wire (press release)Cumulus Networks, the leader in bringing web-scale networking to enterprise cloud, today announced the availability of NetQ, a telemetry-based fa.and more

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Q&A: Apstra’s Mansour Karam Wants Enterprises to Find Intent-based Networking Nirvana SDxCentral

SDxCentralQ&A: Apstra’s Mansour Karam Wants Enterprises to Find Intent-based Networking Nirvana Apstra entered the enterprise networking scene in June 2016 with its intent-based operating system, which promised an innovative way to improve network agility and availability. Less than a year later Gartner named Apstra a 2017 cool vendor for

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The Advantages of Intent-Based Networking

Software then figures out how the best way to make it happen You don’t have to be an expert in various CLI languages. You don’t even need to know a lot about how the network is configured. All you have to do is specify, in plain English, what you want

In a previous post, I explored why intent-based networking is the next step in network automation. Now let’s dig into the multiple advantages IBN has to offer


New Cisco Network Can Recognize Intent, Mitigate Threats eWeek

eWeek New Cisco Network Can Recognize Intent, Mitigate Threats Today’s topics include Cisco Systems’ launch of its groundbreaking networking system, Google’s new job search service, Lenovo’s unveiling of the world’s largest Intel-based supercomputer and a milestone in the number of mobile users worldwide.

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Nokia unveils breakthrough IP routing portfolio, powered by ZDNet ZDNet

ZDNetNokia unveils breakthrough IP routing portfolio, powered by ZDNet he new Nokia platforms are capable of delivering terabit IP flows, a 10x improvement over existing 100 Gb/s links.and more

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Apstra brings intent-based networking to life Network World Network World

Network World Apstra brings intent-based networking to life Network WorldNetwork WorldApstra Operating System 1.2 (AOS 1.2) makes intent-based networking a reality, allowing networks to be agile, automated and self-operating.Apstra Updates Vendor-Agnostic, Intent-Based OS SDxCentral Apstra Operating System 1.2 Delivers Extensibility, Deep Insight and Business Wire (press release)all 3 news articles

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Gartner Blog Network

GET THE REPORT: Gartner Intent Based Networking Systems

There’s always a next big thing in networking Five years ago, it was Ethernet Fabrics in the data center, then came SDN, and currently it is SD-WAN. As SD-WAN adoption grows and shifts from bleeding to leading edge, the next big thing on the networking horizon promises to be . wait for itIntent-based Networking


Apstra Operating System Intent-Based Networking System

http://apstra.com/ Datacenter Network Automation with Apstra’s Vendor Agnostic Intent Driven AOS Platform. The Apstra Operating System (AOS) is a vendor-agnostic distributed operating system for the data center network that enables business agility, dramatically scales operational efficiency, and reduces downtime

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Intent Based Networking And How Machine Learning Can Bring Convergence


Data Center Blogs

This is Part I of a Two-Part Series, where we discuss the components and attributes of intent-based networking, including the capabilities for visibility, monitoring, and programmability from the Infrastucture. In Part II, we’ll detail several use cases for intent-based networking.


Finding Intent-Based Networking Nirvana With Mansour Karam Vendor-Agnostic, Intent-Driven Network


Emerging Trends in ICT Security: Chapter 24. Detection of Intent-Based Vulnerabilities in Android Applications (Emerging Trends in Computer Science and Applied Computing)

The intent mechanism of the Android platform is a powerful message-passing system that allows for sharing data among components and applications. Nevertheless, it might also be used as an entry point for security attacks if incautiously employed. Attacks can be easily sent through intents to components, which can indirectly forward them to other components, and so on. In this context, this chapter proposes a model-based security testing approach to attempt to detect data vulnerabilities

Foundation of Green IT: Consolidation, Virtualization, Efficiency, and ROI in the Data Center

This book comprehensively discusses design considerations for the truly energy efficient data center. Scott Davis, Chief Data Center Architect, Office of the CTO, VMware, Inc. This Book Isn’t About Evangelizing Green It: It’s About Getting Down in the Trenches and Making It Work In Foundations of Green IT, a team of leading Green IT consultants presents the detailed technical information data center professionals need to systematically identify the right improvements, implement them, maximize savings, and accurately calculate business value

Network Automation

Network Automation Makes Life Easier For Network Managers



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The Self-Operating Network There has been a lot of well justified press and discussion lately about the rapidly advancing concepts and delivery of self-driving cars. This week, somewhat prophetically, a delivery was made by the first self-driving truck and it, of course, was a beer delivery.

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