Paul Muni, Vintage Autographed, Key Largo Playbill, Wallace Beery, M.G.M.1930’s Writing Tablet, Rex Harrison, Signed Photo, & Mae West, Come On Up, Playbill

June 19, 2017

To assure, our clients, one-of-a-kind treasures. My Forever Treasures, is offering our, first vintage 4 in 1 film museum piece. Academy Award winners, who were stars of stage and screen. A rare combination, of Paul Muni, Wallace Beery, Rex Harrison and Mae West. Paul Muni, alternated between Broadway and Hollywood, for his roles. He became, one of the most distinguished actors, of both stage and screen. Muni, was one of the few screen actors, given the privilege of choosing, which film roles he wanted. His legendary film highlights include, I am a Fugitive, from a Chain Gang, Scarface, The Good Earth, Viva Villa, The Life and Times of Emile Zola, and a Best Actor Academy Award, for 1936’s, The Story of Louis Pasteur. 6 Academy Award Nominations and universal acclaim, has Paul Muni, known as one of the finest actors, of his generation. Muni’s theater success, rivaled his screen work. Our, 4 in 1 Treasure, includes this vintage Paul Muni autographed Key Largo, National Theater, Wash. D.C. Playbill. 1939. Historically and aesthetically important, as it documents this icon’s theater triumph. 4 in 1 includes, this rare Wallace Beery-photo, 1930’s M.G.M.favorite, souvenir writing-book 8x 10. A Best Actor Academy []


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