Queen Elizabeth 2, China Ashtray. Her 1953 Crowning. Queen Elizabeth 1, Tobacco Trade Card. Princess Grace, Monaco. Limoges, France

February 17, 2017

We’re celebrating, England’s Queen Elizabeth’s Sapphire Anniversary, (65 years, as a reigning monarch.) My Forever Treasures, is offering, our first Royal Treasures. A vintage, cigarette trade card, of Queen Elizabeth 1, the present Queen’s mother. The mounted, W.D. & H.O. Wills cigarette trade card # 3, of Queen Elizabeth 1, is from, their most popular, British Kings and Queens set. As always, Wills Trade Cards, are issued by The Imperial Tobacco Co. In 1936, Elizabeth the 1st, became England’s Queen Consort, when, her husband ascended to the throne. His, brother Prince Edward, abdicated the throne, to marry an American Divorcee. Her Husband,took the title, King Albert the 6th. She held the title, Queen Elizabeth the 1st, the King’s Consort. Especially popular, during World War 2. They, visited hospitals, factories and England’s troops.(often near danger.)They, were deeply loved in England and the U.S. When Albert died, in 1952, Elizabeth’s Daughter, was Crowned, England’s Queen Elizabeth the 2nd. The Queen Mother, Elizabeth the 1st, became the family’s matriarch. Our, second royal treasure is, a world class Royal Winton, made in England China, original Queen Elizabeth the 2nd Ashtray.This June 2, 1953, Queen Elizabeth 2nd, Coronation Celebration Ashtray, is also = celebrating, it’s […]


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