Elvis Presley Collector’s Edition Charlton Publication 15 Cents 1965

January 15, 2017

This, is the ultimate Elvis Presley Collector’s Edition. Lots, of great new photos of The King. Even, a favorite, when 14 year old Elvis moved to Memphis. The cover, also offers a Smiling Close-up, of everyone’s favorite idol. Many FANS, frame this publication. On their wall, you’ll believe you’re, looking at “Elvis Eye Candy.”   You’ll find, the exclusive words to great new Elvis Hits, “Viva Las Vegas,” and “Return to Sender,”  + lyrics to your, Favorite Elvis Oldies, like “Heartbreak Hotel.”  Today, He, has 31 Gold Records, 18 Successful Movies. + 2 More being filmed this year. Presley’s, success on television and his, live performances are legendary.   Elvis Presley Collector’s Edition, uncovers Elvis Presley’s Secret for Hollywood Success. Read about Graceland’s secrets. Learn how, The King enjoys his 4 Cadillacs, Sports Car and Rolls Royce. It’s been a long time, since he worked as a truck driver, for $35 a week. Pray, he finds the right woman to marry. Elvis, deserves to be as happy as he makes his FANS. Write to him, c/o page 2 of this publication.   My Forever Treasures, is pleased to offer this vintage Elvis Presley Publication to the perfect Fan. A Classic […]


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