Vintage Harold Gray’s, Orphan Annie 1930’s, Ovaltine Porcelain Mug The Wander Co.

January 9, 2017

Illustrator, Harold Gray created the cartoon, “Little Orphan Annie,” in 1925. She became, a favorite among children. National newspaper syndication followed. Her incredible popularity, can be attributed to Annie’s success in several mediums. Newspaper comic strips, comic books and from 1930 forward, A Top Rated Radio Show. Orphan Annie’s Show, featured this bushy-haired dynamo, engaging in children’s activities, with the help of other youngsters. She, and her pals, were often chasing pirates, gangsters and other undesirables. Her huge audience, couldn’t get enough.   Ovaltine, was the radio show’s sponsor. Orphan Annie, encouraged listeners to drink Ovaltine, 3 times a day. She didn’t offer it, as a milk flavoring. Annie, told her young adoring public, “Ovaltine, was a food supplement.” “Great for energy.” “Best, when enjoyed, 3 times a day.” Children, would get premiums with their purchase. Perfect, for Orphan Annie Decoder Pins. These, pins would usually tell you. = Drink More Ovaltine. Along with Sandy, her dog, Daddy Warbucks and friends like Skippy & Joe. Orphan Annie has survived the test of time. She’s enjoyed today, 90 years later.   Welcome, Illustration Icon Eye Candy Time. A rare, opportunity to own a Harold Gray original illustrated 1930’s Treasure. It’s from […]


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