Vintage John Lennon Key Ring and 1964 The Beatle Book – Classic Memorabilia by My Forever Treasures

December 6, 2016

Beatle Fun.:) We xxx The Beatles, YEAH !  YEAH !   YEAH ! In, a stocking stuffer mood. As, My Forever Treasures offers, the Magic of John Lennon’s “Listen To This Key Ring,” Key Ring.  Used by, the National Football League. As part of Their Concussion Protocol !! The Football Player, is asked to “Listen To This Key Ring.”  If, they can hear it ring. They, sit out Another Game !! Image, of John’s Face, asks-so-you-listen.:) This is our last one. Get, another from the NFL.   + The 1964 Favorite. Vintage, 1st Printing of “The Beatle Book.” Lancer Pub. Everything, you wanted to know about the Beatles. Almost, 100 new photos. Triple-size autographed photo. Their lives, loves, & music.++ John, Paul, George and Ringo. Never, told before secrets.  John Lennon said, “Before, there was Elvis Presley.” “There, was nothing.” Offer, this Beatle Treasure, as the perfect stocking stuffer. ….. you’re welcome.:)   The Beatles – Don’t Let Me Down


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