1930s Mars Sunglasses and 1940 Drink Moxie Soda Jerk Style Cap

November 11, 2016

In 1945, the sci-fi film “The Purple Monster Strikes !” 4. “The Lethal Pit.” Republic Films, was shot in Los Angeles. Real Martians, were used for the alien roles. To not alarm the public, nothing was said. Upon completing the film, the Martians grabbed their rocket ship and returned to MARS. THESE VINTAGE SUNGLASSES WERE THE ONLY MARTIAN PROPERTY LEFT BEHIND. The perfect combination of carbon dioxide & a trace of oxygen. VERY MARS. They can be used for reading books OR, MARTIAN-style Mind Reading.  They still work. It helps, if you’re from Mars.   1940. Drink Moxie ! Soda Jerk Style Cap. Moxie, was among the first carbonated beverages. “Make Mine Moxie ,” for Energy, Courage and Zest. One of the best selling carbonated beverages for decades. The perfect accessory for your Vintage Martian Sunglasses. Everyone, will be wide-eyed at your Martian Moxie. I swear.   My Forever Treasures, is offering our only Genuine Martian Treasure. This is a “Once in TWO Lifetimes Opportunity.”   Contact us if you’re interested. You’re welcome.


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