The Rolling Stones 1972 Tour of America Lithograph “Tumblin’ Dice” Winterland Shows

October 27, 2016

The Rolling Stones 1972 Tour of America, delivered “The Greatest R. & R. Band of All Time,” At Their Best. This tour supported their # 1 Album, “Exile on Main Street.” The Winterland Shows, were the 3rd city for the Stones.  Stevie Wonder, with his current hit song “Superstition,” opened the shows. This tour, exposed Stevie to a broader rock audience. He shined. The audience loved him. The Rolling Stones, 21 song set overwhelmed their fans.   Mick and his mates, opened with “Honky Tonk Women.” “Gimme Shelter,” “Tumbling Dice”   & “Brown Sugar” followed. Stevie Wonder, joined them, for the “Satisfaction” Encore. These San Francisco Shows, were highlights of this tour. The lithograph of these Winterland Shows was the producer, Bill Graham’s idea.:) Graham, called these the “Tumblin’ Dice” Shows. Using, their hit song as the theme. Featuring the DICE, David Singer, Bill’s favorite poster artist from 1969-71, created this iconic image. Unique, because this poster wasn’t used as a Tour Souvenir.  Just, exclusively for Bill Graham’s Winterland Shows. It, continues to be a Rolling Stones Fan Favorite TODAY.   My Forever Treasures, is beaming, in a counter-culture way. This 1972, numbered lithograph reads, “Bill Graham Presents in S.F. The […]


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