Hit Parader 1964 Elvis vs The Beatles Contest Vintage Souvenir Collage

October 3, 2016

Hit Parader (1942-1980’s) , was the top music magazine, for song lyrics, chart rankings, music reviews, interviews, photos, music trivia, fan mail and contests. In Sept. 1964, it offered an Elvis vs. The Beatles Contest. Elvis Presley and The Beatles, are the 20th Century’s two most successful and recognized artists on earth. Who would their fans vote for ?   Elvis Presley, will forever be considered “The King of Rock and Roll.” He had 18 # 1 hit songs, from, 1956’s “Heartbreak Hotel” to 1969’s “Suspicious Minds.” All, of his 150 albums and singles, have gone gold, platinum or multi-platinum. All of his Gospel Albums, won Grammy Awards. He is the only performer, to be inducted into The R. & R., Country & Gospel Hall of Fame. During, Elvis prime concert years, he gave 1,100 performances. All Sold Out ! All, 31 Elvis Presley films showed a profit. Elvis, “Lifetime Achievement Award,” has his fans declaring, “Long live the King.”   The Beatles, became 1964’s worldwide sensations. “Please Please Me,” “She Loves You” and “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” gave them 3 worldwide # 1 Hit Songs in a row. Over, the next 6 years, The Beatles averaged a Top […]


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