3 Vintage Rolling Stones Historical Pinbacks -1964 Fan Club – 1966 North American Tour – 1975 Tour

September 24, 2016

Critics and fans agree. The Rolling Stones are the Greatest R. & R. Band of All Time. The group was formed, in 1962-3 by multi-instrumentalist Brian Jones and keyboardist Ian Stewart. The Stones, were Mick Jagger, lead singer, Keith Richards lead guitarist, Bill Wyman bass player and Charlie Watts drummer. All members, except drummer Charlie Watts sang Backup Vocals. Ian Stewart, was dropped from the group in 1963.   Brian Jones, was the most versatile in the band. He played guitar, keyboards, harmonica, bass, saxophone, sitar on “Painted Black,” and the marimbas on, “Symphony for the Devil.” Brian, wanted the Rolling Stones to be a cover blues band. A great musician, but a weak songwriter, Brian found himself, with no defined place in the band. Mick and Keith, were outstanding songwriters and ultimately, the Rolling Stones became Their Band. From the start, there were tremendous problems. Brian’s hard feelings, led to his overwhelming drug addiction. The tension, and animosity within the Rolling Stones, were Brian Jones responsibility. By 1969, Brian was thrown out of the group HE FORMED.   The Large, 1964 Rolling Stones Pinback Button. Features the original 5, Brian, Mick, Keith, Bill and Charlie. Especially Rare, as it […]


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