3D Printing Ted Talk – Using AI and 3D Printing Together

August 30, 2016

What do artificial intelligence and prostheses have in common? The software uses artificial intelligence algorithm to customize 3D printable prostheses and orthoses to fit the individual wearers’ needs. It allows creating individual supportive devices based on a 3D scan of the limb and does it in minutes rather than hours.

Janis Jatnieks believes that involving AI and advanced technologies, has a huge potential to help people with special needs. Technology advancements and human creativity will open up new horizons and possibilities for human body. Janis is passionate to push the limits and be in the frontline of adapting these technologies.

Janis Jatnieks is one of the creators of a new artificially intelligent 3D modeling software, which enables mass customization of designs based on a 3D scan.

According the 3D Printing Trade Association: “3D Printing Is 33 years old and still in it’s infancy. Watch the technologies converge.

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