Muhammad Ali and Elvis Presley The Ultimate Icons Vintage Pinbacks

August 10, 2016

Both, Muhammad Ali and Elvis Presley, are the 2 most loved and recognized figures on earth. Elvis, and Muhammad were very good friends. Presley, visited Ali at his training camp, just before the First Liston Fight. They ran, talked & enjoyed each other. Elvis, would often join Ali, at his pre-fight headquarters.   When, the 2 met, Elvis was already the ultimate superstar. He, had been “America’s Newest Sensation,” for more than 10 years. Endless, classic # 1 hit songs and films later, Elvis Presley was “The King.” He, was about to have, a friend at the top !! Cassius Clay, now Muhammad Ali, would K.O. Sonny Liston, and become the World’s Heavyweight Champion. As, Brash Young Ali left the Ring, he screamed to the sky, “I Am, the Prettiest & the Greatest of All Time.” His, fans around the world agreed ! Now, and forever Ali would be known as the “Champ.”   The King, and The Champ would remain friends forever. Elvis Presley, released more than 100 Albums. All, went Gold, Platinum or Better. Elvis, starred in 31 Films. All showed a Profit. John Lennon said, “Before there was Elvis Presley, there was Nothing.” Now, years later Muhammad […]


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