Vintage Copacabana Ashtray NYC with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis Tape Dispensers

July 29, 2016

The Copacabana Nightclub, N.Y.C. was considered, the Greatest Nightclub of All Time. From, the late 1940’s to 1973, The Copa Presented the “Entertainment Cream of the Crop.” Virtually, every star from this period, Performed on the Copacabana Stage. Every show, was an event.   It was an honor to record an album, “Live at the Copa.” The Supremes, Sam Cooke, The Temptations, Bobby Darin and Marvin Gaye, have all recorded very successful “Live at the Copa” Albums.   Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis, The Supremes, Rodney Dangerfield and Sam Cooke made their N.Y.C. Debut at the Copa. The Copacabana Chorus Girls, was a major attraction. They, wore sexy mink bras and panties, with fruited turbans on top. A Copa Show Calendar, would include all the previously named. + Tony Bennett, Peggy, Ella, Lena & The Four Tops. Every week, The Copa was # 1.   In 1973, when Jules Podell, the owner of the Copa died, so did The Copacabana. Never to be replaced. My Forever Treasures, is pleased to offer this vintage Copacabana N.Y.C. Ashtray. It probably, was on a Copa Table, when one of these incredible icons performed. = The Ultimate Nightclub Treasure.   Dean Martin & Jerry […]


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