Vintage Donald Trump’s Infant Walt Disney Pluto Mittens

July 18, 2016

Own a Piece of History. Donald Trump, does have Especially Small Hands. We are offering these Rare Blue Pluto Infants Mittens. They were Worn by Donald, while he Attended, Penn’s Wharton School of Business. They’re Walt Disney’s, “Infant Designer Pluto Mittens.” They got Trump, through a frigid Philadelphia winter.   Donald’s little fingerprints, should be inside, the Infant Pluto Mittens. Now, Donald is an adult. Trump’s Hands have Grown, from Infant Size to = Adult “tiny” Size. We would like to offer these , before Donald’s Goons, Knock on Our Door.   This treasure, is the perfect gift, for an Egomaniac, with Infant-Size Hands. The Designer Pluto Mittens, are 5″ long and 2.5″ wide. Is that You? I hope so ! If So ! Contact Us ! Pamper Yourself.:)   *****  xxx   My Forever Treasures.   Marco Rubio vs Donald Trump go back and forth about who’s got small hands at the Fox News GOP Republican Debate in Detroit   Walt Disney Cartoon Favorite Pluto


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