Muhammad Ali inscribed After Me There will Never Be Another Signed Photo

July 12, 2016

Muhammad Ali, was genuinely, The Greatest and Most Loved Athlete of All Time. (& the Prettiest.) Not just the Last Century,  = ALL TIME !! There will never be another, as special because, there can be, Only One. Muhammad Ali, inscribed this photo, “After Me. There Will Never Be Another.” As I look at the Incredible Photo, I love Muhammad, but He’s Right. How can Ali be replaced! It would take (another)”Greatest of All Time.” = There’s No Such Thing !!   We’ve all heard Muhammad Ali say, “Float Like A Butterfly. Sting Like A Bee.” “Your Hands Can’t Touch.” “What Your Eyes Can’t See.” He charmed the world to the end. He was the Greatest of All Time. Our Brother & Friend. Muhammad was a man, of character, faith, dignity and humanity. Ali’s professionalism, in his craft embodied the best of us, as human beings. This World, will miss his Presence, but We’ll Celebrate His Spirit Forever. xox


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