PFs May Not Know Mobile Wallet Users As Well As They Think

June 2, 2016

When the new Auriemma Consulting Group Mobile Pay Tracker report was released on Tuesday (May 31), it delivered some surprises. For example, most mobile wallet consumers do not have their favorite (aka most used) card as the default card in their mobile wallet. Even in April 2016, most mobile users (57 percent) don’t have the technology to do almost any mobile payments. The report also detailed the higher incomes of iOS users compared with Android.

Even one of the non-surprising details of the report-that tech brands are more trusted than financial brands-is interesting in its scope, with “banks/financial institutions” getting roughly one-third of the trust points awarded to Apple and performing only slightly better when compared with Google and Samsung. (Note: The exact phrasing of the question is unclear. If the choice was literally “banks/financial institutions,” that might not be fair to compare a nameless vertical against specific brands. Had they, however, compared Chase and Wells Fargo to Apple and Google, that would have been more, please forgive me, apples-to-apples.)


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