1939 Golden Gate International Exposition Pennant San Francisco

March 22, 2016

The 1939, Golden Gate International Exposition, at San Francisco Bay, is an historically unique Exposition. This is one of the few, to open when the world was at war. The Czechoslovakian President, fled to Romania.   In Germany, being a member of Hitler’s Youth Movement, was now mandatory. Poland and The Netherlands mobilized, for the possibility of German invasion. Britain and Germany both sank ships. In the U.S., President F.D.R. declared America’s neutrality. As San Francisco’s, “Portals of the Pacific” Themed, $60 Million International Exposition, opened Feb. 14, 1939.   Unlike the devastation, unfolding in Europe, this International Exposition, offered impressive new Art Deco structures. Lush gardens, dancing water displays, and even a world class Entertainment Theater, awaited excited patrons. Instead of complaining about the war, San Francisco was in a celebratory mood. Honoring, all countries with borders on the Pacific.   This Exposition, believed there would be a peaceful future among all countries. Clark Gable cut the ribbon, opening this great 1939 event ! Benny Goodman “the King of Swing,” had neutral U.S. citizens, dancing all night long.  F.D.R. assured U.S. neutrality in Europe.   In Europe, Germany attacks and occupies Czechoslovakia. The President of Poland flees to Romania. […]


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