How The Internet of Things Works

March 19, 2016


The Internet of Things is changing the whole world around us. It is changing how we drive, how we make purchases and even how we supply our homes with energy.

Everyone who engages with the modern universe now, pretty much knows that this is true. But what many don’t know is how it all works.

Watch this video to get a general idea of how the internet of things works.

Many think that this process is seamless. That computers and algorithms are doing all of the work. But, it is simply not that easy. In fact, most of the data we produced isn’t even being used. Why? Because in order to use the data, you must prepare it, and clean it up so that it can be analyzed. And let’s face it…humans are still better than computers at recognizing patterns.

So, you might think, well let’s just have more people analyzing data right? Unfortunately, it is not that easy. Not everyone can do this. This is why data scientists are a hot commodity, and rather expensive.


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