Business Intelligence. It’s Real.

March 19, 2016

We believe that the root of Business Intelligence is in the distribution and socialization of data driven down to the most front end, customer facing levels of the organization.

The organic connection with data afforded by the use of simple ‘layperson’ queries via a GUI interface is one key – the other being standardization of logic from the executive suite thru the divisional; regional; director; supervisor and finally customer facing agents is the other.

In short bringing ‘goal alignment’ to the data thru the logic used to calculate the key performance indicators.  The adoption of the BI tool can be viral if the two factors above are successfully achieved.

Better business decisions with business intelligence

We have witnessed this accomplishment by our very large client in an environment known to be excruciatingly difficult from a reporting a metrics perspective.

Key to the viral use of BI is access to ‘fresh’ data, key to fresh access is the advent of OLAP cubing and a commitment from IT to provide real time updates to cubes of data.   Users who can then query based on their interest as opposed to waiting for IT to spit out canned reports for analysis on some schedule.

Streamlined Reporting

The platforms to enable this are cost effective COTS solutions combined with custom presentation layer and logic; minimizing the overhead of training and user resistance due to fear and time investment.

We have such a system in production today – managing over 500,000 new records per day with over 3000 front line users and its transforming the way they serve their 25M customers.


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