F.Sinatra D.Martin S.Davis Jr. Rat Pack Memorabilia

March 8, 2016

Frank Sinatra is considered, the greatest international entertainer of the 20th Century. He has sold 250 million records and received 11 Grammy Awards. Sinatra’s catalog of hits, is the most extensive in recording history. His recording career, has succeeded in every era. Television Emmy Awards and 3 Academy Awards have Sinatra winning in all categories. 2 Best Song Academy Awards, and a 3rd for Best Supporting Actor, in “From Here To Eternity.”   “Hello Young Lovers,”  “Love and Marriage” and “New York, New York,”  are just a few of Sinatra’s Classic Hit Songs.  A huge Elvis Presley fan, he offered his television show, to salute Elvis after he was discharged from the Army. The show “America Welcomes Home Elvis Presley,” was the highest rated television show of 1958. Frank, along with Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. were responsible for the “Rat Pack,” and their ultimate night club events of the 1960’s.   Dean Martin is an American singer, actor, comedian and film producer.  He is one of the most popular, enduring entertainers of the mid-20th Century.  Dean was nicknamed “The King of Cool,” for his effortless charisma. By 1950, Dean and Jerry Lewis were America’s # 1 Comedy Team. […]


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