Who Was the Greatest, Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan? A Data Comparison

February 18, 2016

It is undisputed that two of the greatest shooting guards in history are Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. But, what is constantly disputed, is who was the greatest of all?

In many ways they are alike. People consistently say that they have similar work ethics, and even play the game similarly. This makes sense, as they are both 6’6? and weigh roughly 200 pounds. They even play the same position.

Some argue that Bryant is the best “complete player” of all time, as he has a unique ability to motivate his entire team. But, let’s face it- these are simply opinions. To truly determine who is the best player of all, we need to analyze the data.

This infographic displays some of the data that makes Michael Jordan the #1. We had the option to bombard you with raw data, numbers and stats. However, more than half of people are visual learners, so we provided you with a data visualization graphic. You can simply look at this graphic and identify the prominent pattern: Michael Jordan has more dots, and larger bars.

Don’t dispute the data!

Infographic Displaying Player Data Comparing Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant


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