Big Data Should Be More Transparent

February 12, 2016

Big Data is now used by almost every big cooperation the learn more about their consumers and sell more efficiently. As the consumer, what are we getting out of these companies knowing everything about us? Is it right for companies to stalk our behavior and make conclusions about us with out us knowing anything about the company?

It seems that big Data should be an open door between consumer and producer and not just a one way street. When companies use Big Data to track customers, they gain access to the customer\’s entire history with that particular company. If you ever have any issues with that company they have a clear advantage over you, knowing everything about you while you have nothing on them.

Imagine you have a loyalty card with a company and one day a representative calls you to tell you the company wants to offer you a discount if you buy a particular item. A couple days you go to buy the item but the employee will not give you the discount you were previously promised. All the information you have is the name of the representative who made you the false promises to get you to buy more.

If companies are collecting data on the public, they should by more readily available to the public. Every conversation should be documented and available to all employees within the company. All of this information should exclude any personal details of course so we don\’t run into privacy issues. The main issue is that people have a right to their information, which is why Big Data should be more transparent.


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