How Does Big Data Relate To The Super Bowl?

February 9, 2016

They finally did it ladies and gentlemen, the Broncos have won the super bowl! If we look deeper into the Broncos and the super bowl we can see that Big Data is all around. One of the less obvious ways Big Data is utilized in football is viewing footage.The best teams are the ones who study themselves and their opponents. There is lots of Big Data that goes into relaying footage to a tablet to be viewed by the played on the sidelines.

Speaking of Big Data promoting the ability to view a play, that is how us fans at home watch each game! All of the lines we see on the field and the replays that show different play patterns are all produced through the quick analysis of big data from multiple different cameras and angles. At one point in yesterday\’s game there was a 360 shot of a paused play to show a birds eye view of every player in that formation.

Besides all of the technical stuff, the super bowl is practically an American holiday which means there are excess amounts of food, liquor and memorabilia. Social media is the platform for people to display their likes and dislikes about everything from the bar they are in to the amazing wings they ordered for their super bowl party. From the data produced through social media, companies can get a quick look at what their consumers think about their products.

To learn how else Big Data is used in professional football, check out this ARTICLE!


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