Where Is Big Data In Every Day Life?

February 6, 2016

We all hear about Big Data and how it is changing industries and allowing companies like Target to stalk their customers, but do we interact with Big Data in our everyday routines?

Here are two examples of how we are interacting and creating Big Data every day!

Every time you go to your local coffee shop and order your special little cup of delight, you are creating data. The reason we call it data is because you are giving the company information about its customers. Check out this podcast and learn how you are helping coffee companies become more efficient through Big Data just by buying your daily cup of Joe.

Big Data And Coffee – Can We Use Coffee Shops To Understand Big Data Uses?


Another example of our frequent run ins with Big Data is buying liquor. We all love it and drink it, but how do distributors know what kinds of people like certain types of liquor? Big Data shows liquor companies and distributors how to best sell their product and who their most profitable demographic is. Learn more about how Big Data is revolutionizing liquor distribution through this podcast!

Big Data And Liquor – Can Data Analytics Help A Liquor Distributor Or Maker?



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