Big Data Producing Big Results In The Presidential Campaign

February 4, 2016

It is that time again where there are relentless adds, phone calls and commercials about the presidential campaign. The reason for this? You cannot win a presidency if no one knows who you are. For years this has been the method of gaining recognition in almost any campaign, so how can one candidate get ahead? Big Data.

Everyone else is using Big Data to gain competitive advantage so why shouldn’t presidential candidates? Well that is exactly what presidential candidate, Ted Cruz thought before implementing Big Data into his campaign. I don’t have a stance on who the next president should be, but I do know that Big Data is aiding Cruz’s campaign greatly.

Big Data has been shown to help candidates be more effective by gaining insights into voter preferences. Some people prefer to learn about candidates via phone call, while others may enjoy advertisements by mail. Big Data can show which people are more likely to respond better to different methods. With this sort of insight, candidates can make better decisions and save a lot more money by strategically promoting themselves.

To learn how else Big Data is being used in interesting, different ways check out this interesting, different article!


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