Is There Really An MIoT?

January 29, 2016

By now we have probably all heard about the IoT- Internet of Things and that it is bound to be the lifestyle of the future. But what is the MIoT? That would be the Medical Internet of Things. As the world continues to advance its technology everything is going into the Cloud.

Not many people can wrap their head around the Cloud, but basically it is where data created from our technology can be stored. Big pharmaceuticals are now calling for their industry to move to the cloud, but is this a good idea? It is for the pharmaceutical industry for through Big Data they will be able to monitor when people use their prescriptive devices such as inhalers or blood glucose meters.

The issue with medicine going more digital is that patient confidentiality becomes significantly more vulnerable. The idea behind going electronic with medical charts is that they would become more mobile and easier to swap between the different professionals who work with each patient. This causes a big security problem, because the more places information travels, the more likely it is going to be hacked  into and exposed.

Big Pharma is trying to use big data to track their customers the same way Target would stalk theirs. Hopefully the Pharmaceutical companies will use Big Data for good and not use it to prey on people and their prescriptions.


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