Muhammad Ali Hand Signed Photo Icon Quote

January 27, 2016

Muhammad Ali, is a legend for his skills inside the boxing ring. He’s even more admired, for his values outside the ring. Ali has spent his life, as a champion for religious freedom, racial justice and the triumph of principles over expedience. Ali’s philanthropy towards education continues, to make a huge difference. He is genuinely, the “people’s champion.”   Muhammad Ali has been named, The Greatest Athlete of the Last Century. Worldwide, he’s also been named The Most Popular Athlete of the Last Century. The most charismatic boxer, and by his own admission, also “The Prettiest of All Time.” Ali won a Light Heavyweight Gold Medal, in the 1960 Olympics. Now he’s in the Boxing Hall of Fame and has beaten 7 other heavyweights, who are also in the Hall of Fame.   In 1964, Cassius Clay  was 19-0, when as a 7-1 underdog, he defeated champion Sonny Liston for the crown. In their 2nd fight, Clay stopped Liston in the 1st round, to defend his Heavyweight Championship Title. After those fights, Cassius converted to Islam, and changed his name to Muhammad Ali. In his prime, years later, his religious beliefs would have him stripped of his crown. This decision, […]


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