Big Data One Step Closer To Getting Even Bigger

January 26, 2016

Big Data has gained its name from the impact that large amount of data sets have and the insights they hold, but there are even bigger big data out there that we have been unable to tap into. There is an unbelievable amount of data produced daily and only continues to grow with the development of new technology.

Researchers at MIT have recently developed an algorithm that has the potential to analyze data sets that are so large, we do not currently have the equipment necessary to tackle them. The idea behind the algorithms is geometry and the use of topography to pick out basic features that are universal to any data set, no matter the size.

With this sort of topological approach, researchers can tap into the large, scary, interconnected data and pull out connections that are characteristic of all data. The issue now is that there is not a machine that can compute this information fast enough for it to be at all functional, but there are talks of one being developed soon.

Once the quantum mechanics is developed and can be paired with this topological approach, we will be able to understand connections like never before like global connections in the internet and even pathways of the human brain.

To learn more about how big data is discovering the secrets of the human brain check out this intriguing article!


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