Big Data Meets Hollywood

January 15, 2016

Hollywood only survives as long as it has fans, which is why Hollywood is always very concerned about the fan base’s opinion of films. Sure Big Data has been used in Hollywood in the past, obtaining box office success rates and what not, but the film industry is now experiencing Big Data in a totally new way.

With the recent release of the movie The Revenant a small company named Lightwave has partnered with Fox to survey the audience’s reactions to the film in a revolutionary way. Lightwave has taken a Fitbit looking device and altered it to detect physiological changes connected with emotional responses.

An emotional response can include an increased heart rate, body temperature changes and even fight or flight responses. Throughout the pre-screening of the movie the Revenant, the audiences physiological changes were monitored and harvested as data. Hollywood can now look at this data and get a completely objective review of how engaged the audience was in the film.

This form of survey is much more accurate than it has been in the past because it allows the surveyor to get a real, non subjective review of the film. Usually when a view is asked about the film it can be hard for them to determine exactly how they were feeling at a specific part, say in the very beginning of the film.

With this sort of technology not only will Hollywood get a better picture of the success of their films, but any industry relying on fan satisfaction will benefit from this technology. From concerts to sporting events, we can expect to see big things out of this simple technology.


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