What Is LiFi and How Is It Going To Change Big Data?

January 13, 2016

We all know what WiFi is because we live in a connected world that feels the coming of an apocalypse when we can’t get a signal. WiFi is our use of wireless internet that allows us to do all of our work outside of the office, connecting with friends, online shopping, or streaming T.V. shows.

The problem is that there are so many people who are connected to the internet these days that WiFi is struggling to keep up. If the population of people with mobile devices continues to grow ( as it is predicted to by 2019) we will need another alternative for WiFi. This is where LiFi comes in! LiFi is the new form of wireless internet that functions through LED lights.

LiFi uses LED light like a strobe light that flickers faster than the human eye can process. This allows information to travel up to one hundred times faster than it does in WiFi. LiFi may be the missing key to finally obtaining Big Data at a real time speed. Real time data means that we would have access to information much quicker; opening doors to insurmountable opportunities.


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