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January 10, 2016

Payment Facilitator

PaymentFacilitator.com delivers the latest news, analysis and insights about the payment facilitator community.

With Lyft Investment, Is GM Getting Out Of The Car Business Or Are Cars Getting Out Of The GM Business?

When Lyft announced on Monday (Jan. 4) that it had just closed a $1 billion round of funding—which included $500 million from General Motors—it struck some as puzzling…

Payment Facilitator

Apple Envisions P2P In Every Possible Way

With Apple’s P2P rollout and partnerships getting closer, it’s not surprising that Apple was granted a Patent for the approach last month. But what was not expected was how inclusive and extensive Cupertino envisions P2P being…

Just What The Payments Industry Needs: The Mike Tyson Digital Wallet

When Bitcoin Direct on Monday unveiled the Mike Tyson Digital Wallet, it was asking for trouble. You know it’s a bad sign when your marketing move is so awful that Time Magazine can’t resist making fun of it…

Payment Facilitator – Payments Industry

Our goal is to surprise our readers with every story, whether that surprise comes from unexpected information, analysis or context. But there’s a reason why PaymentFacilitators.com must exist and why it needs to exist now. The world of payments is changing more radically now than any point in the last 20 years, fueled by mobile (payments as well as authentication), cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, huge regulatory changes and merchants and software companies seeing payments for the first time as a revenue model.


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