Losing Your Customers to Silos

January 7, 2016

This is a great video that depicts customer intention to retention. It is a story of customer churn. It shows how each silo is involved, and where problems and miscommunications can occur.

When it comes to a customer, it all starts with marketing. Lets assume that Company X sent out a fantastic marketing campaign that captured the attention of our customer; her name is Mary. She decides to sign up for the services that Company X provides. Both she and Company X have initial intentions of her being a lifelong customer.

But now. Mary is an ex-customer.

While she was satisfied with parts of her experience, and certain aspects of the company, it was not enough to keep her a happy customer. So who was responsible for losing Mary as a customer? We will follow the story of Mary as a customer, to see where that responsibility lies.

It could have been Frank, who installed the products necessary for Mary to receive the surface. He may not have taken off his shoes, and dragged in dirt to Mary’s house. He may have forgotten one of the tools he needed. Or he may not have arrived within the time-frame that was promised to Mary. He may have been late. But is this a good enough reason for Mary to end her service?

She likely would have called customer care to help her alleviate this problem. She may have had a frustrating experience. The customer service rep could have told her, “I am sorry this happened, but we don’t have another tech available until next week.” But, for the purposes of this story, we will assume that the customer service representative made Mary’s day and immediately sent her the top technician.

However, in the case of this story, the fantastic customer service rep failed to mention an additional fee for equipment that was required to send another technician to her home.

Or, it could have even been someone’s fault in billing. Maybe someone forgot to enter the promo code that was necessary to give Mary the special that she had originally purchased.

It could have been any one of these people, any one of these situations, and within any of these silos. From mud, to a false promise of tech availability, or a misquote in price. So how do you find out what went wrong, and where?

The first step is to find out where there are problems that are pushing customers away. Cliintel analyzes the people, processes and tools to identify the root causes of problems, such as customer churn. But we go beyond just identifying the root cause of problems, we also offer our clients innovative solutions. We can spot the communication breakdowns between the silos, and provide process and tool optimization. So, ultimately they can retain more customers, and increase their ROI. See how we have helped our clients.


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