The Film Spectator January 26 1929 Headlines

December 31, 2015

Jack Warner was among the first major Hollywood film producers, to champion sound on film, aka “the talkies.” Certain they were the future for film, he produced 1928’s “Tenderloin.” This was the first feature, where the characters, spoke their own dialogue. Although, only 15 of the 88 minutes were talking, the public was dazzled.   Jack Warner’s July 1928, all talking “Lights of New York” cost $23,000 to produce. It showed a 5,000 %, 1.2 million dollar profit.  Warner believed “talkies” were a license to print money. These January 26, 1929, The Film Spectator headlines have Jack Warner banning The Spectator.   For the previous 15 years, The Silent  Film Industry, had been The Film Spectator’s cash cow. “Talkies”  became a threat to silent film’s survival.  The Film Spectator, had offered headlines about, the public “not wanting to hear voices.” This was spirited by,  the soon to be bankrupt silent film sector. Jack Warner was  producing, “On With The Show,” an all talking, color feature film. Warner’s ban on The Spectator Headlines, demonstrates a powerful film producer, at war with a fading rival.   Framed on your wall, these headlines will serve as vintage eye candy.  A memorial, to the […]


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