The Best Of Big Data In 2015

December 30, 2015

With 2015 coming to a close, it is appropriate to look at the highlights of Big Data from the past year.

Here is a glimpse of the great things that came out of Big Data this year.

2015 recorded the greatest number of cell phone users over computers or laptops, meaning that Big Data has gone mobile. We have made the switch from laptops to using our smartphones for any internet related activity we may need. By making this switch we have completely changed the way that companies retrieve data from their users.

In March of this year IBM decided to invest $3 Billion on the advancement of the Internet of Things. This is a huge leap for this sector and will lead to the emergence of a more connected life where our every day technologies are in constant communication with one another. A perfect example of this is the Apple Watch that made its debut in the Spring of this year.

Now that Big Data has made it clear it isn’t just a fad, people have begun to worry about privacy issues. As a result of the public’s concern, big steps have been taken to ensure safety. Safe Harbor was an agreement concerning Big Data that crossed international borders. The European court of justice determined this agreement invalid, protecting European citizen privacy.

The UK has also taken steps to ensure that insurance companies are not using data to set automated premiums. The Financial Conduct Authority has begun their investigation into the use of Big Data in insurance companies to prevent insurance companies from using discriminatory practices.

This is just a few highlights of Big Data’s journey through 2015. We have seen the emergence of new and exciting technology as well as an active approach to maintaining privacy laws to protect the public. Hopefully throughout 2016 we can expect to see more advanced technology as well as clearly defined regulations surrounding Big Data usage.


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