Charlie Chaplin Photo Tobacco Trading Card 1920

December 25, 2015

Charlie Chaplin is a film producer, actor, director, writer , editor and often wrote the music, for his films as well. In 1914, Chaplin worked in his first silent films. His $150 weekly salary was considered generous. Mack Sennett Studio, in Hollywood, is where Chaplin got his start. In just his second film, for Sennett, he created, his “Little Tramp” character.  It would be a contradiction in appearance. Charlie would have huge shoes, a tiny hat, a tight jacket, and big billowing pants. He added a small mustache, to make him look older, but small as to not hid his face. In Sennett Studio’s second film, debuting Chaplin’s “Tramp,” the film was a success and the public loved his “Tramp.” Overnight, Charlie Chaplin became a sensation.   The “Tramp” made him so famous, around the world, in 1916,  Charlie had another studio offer him a $670,000 contract. This made “The Comedy King of the Silent Screen,” the highest paid   most recognizable figure on earth. He went on to produce, act, direct, edit, write the screenplay, and often the music, for his films. Many of his silent films are classics, and showed $Million profits. In 1918, with Mary Pickford and […]


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