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December 23, 2015


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Overview Video:

What’s The Big Deal About Big Data?

→ Google it. You’ll see. ←

Connected car. Connected business. Connected people. Connected World.

This is the beginning of the Big Data Revolution.

What’s In It For Me?

We want to help you with content creation. We know that it is a rising topic, but there are a lack of expert resources in the industry. We can provide useful resources: quotes and expertise, topic and presentation ideas and even promotion of content.

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Experts Want to Help Me. Too Good to be True…What’s the Catch?

There truly is no catch. As pioneers in the industry, we are very passionate about it. Big Data is creating a better world. We want to distribute and share our knowledge with the world to both educate and entertain them- it is a fascinating subject.

How Do I Know You’re Experts?

Our organization became actively involved in the industry long before “Big Data” was a buzzword. Because of our “pioneer” status, we have been an influential part of the community. We have established and control multiple platforms and books to educate and entertain both non-community and community members. Below, you will find pictures and links of some of these platforms; a podcast, video site, news site and more.

As a company, we use data to improve our clients’ businesses. We have transformed business operations of countless Fortune 100 companies, for the better. We have operated from Denver, Colorado since 1997. Our team is composed of some of the most talented people you’ll come across. We have backgrounds in more than just data science. Other backgrounds, talents and accomplishments include: 3D printing, international business, book authors, award winners, consulting, graphic design, hospitality management, healthcare, broadband, military, business intelligence, education and more.

But don’t trust us…see for yourself. Explore our content. www.ExplainYourData.com

 contact: aradovich@explainyourdata.com         303.408.7277

Learn More?

Rich Batenburg talks about his book, "Change is Great...Be First."

Rich Batenburg talks about his book, “Change is Great…Be First.”

Video: Internet of Things Facts

Facts about the Internet of Things.

3D Printing and Big Data

3D Printing and Big Data

Big Data= Better World.

Big Data= Better World.

contact: aradovich@explainyourdata.com      303.408.7277


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