Big Data vs. Segmented Data

December 22, 2015

Big data is characterized by an extremely large set of data that must be filtered through by countless algorithms until it takes an understandable form. Big Data is utilized in many different areas, but one that tends to stand out is in marketing. Marketing researchers love Big Data because it is a much more effective way to receive consumer  feedback. People no longer have to take surveys to let companies know how they feel because companies simply study their consumers habits. By observing consumer trends, companies have a much better understanding of what their buyers like and dislike about their products.

Many companies use this information and apply it to their consumers as a whole, but not all consumers are the same. Everyone is unique which makes every consumer’s trends different. Although Big Data has worked wonders for marketing research, these marketing specialists are beginning to realize they need  to take Big Data to the next level. The idea of using Big Data in marketing was to better advertise to individual consumers based on their unique preferences. In order for marketing specialists to optimize their ability to target specific demographics they must use Segmented Data.

Segmented Data is big data that has been categorized based on similar groups. With segmented Data companies can receive data on all of the consumers who are all moms, or video game lovers, or outdoor enthusiasts. With this sort of organized data, companies know to advertise not only outdoor gear to the outdoor enthusiasts, but based on their shopping history- specific shoes, backpacks, tents, etc. Segmented Data allows companies to treat all of their consumers like individuals, making it easier for consumers to find what they are looking for and their overall shopping experience more enjoyable.

Segmented Data is something we will  be seeing more of as Big Data continues to make a name for itself in all different industries. To learn more about the different ways Big Data is branching out,

Check out this Interesting Article! 


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