Future Of Big Data

December 9, 2015

With our population continuing to turn over into a more digital world there will be more and more data to analyze. This means that Big Data is not only going to be around for a while, but also that it is going to become more advanced. In this upcoming year it is safe to assume we will be seeing more of Big Data in at least three areas, Digital Security, IoT, and Data Accessibility.

Digital Security 

The majority of the world is connected to the digital world, whether it be the use of a computer, phone or television. All of these devices produce data, which means that we are all producing a lot of data everyday. Now, the data from what shows you watch doesn’t seem like it needs much protection, but  as our healthcare and banking systems switch over to digital processing our information is becoming less secure. Big Data security is something we will start seeing a lot more of to protect the identity of civilians and highly classified information.


The surface of the Internet of Things is just being scratched as the race is on to make our lives more connected. Leaders in the industry such as IBM and Google are working hard to create devices that can talk to one another to in theory make our lives easier. In the future we can see more of a presence of driverless cars and the utilization of artificial intelligence inside the home. Artificial intelligence will become a part of daily living as we begin to rely on Nest thermostats to regulate our home temperatures and security cameras to watch our every move and learn our daily habits.

Data Accessibility

Big Data has been all the rage for the past four years, but it has been a rough climb. Since Big Data exploded it has been constantly worked on to become an easier tool to use. Companies looking to utilize Big Data have always had to rely on data scientists to manage and analyze the data. In the future we can look forward to better solutions and more standardized appliances, allowing the average person to use Big Data. If Big Data becomes more convenient and simple to use, we can expect to see a much greater presence of it in many different applications.


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