Icon Eye Candy Vintage Rare Bob Dylan and Paul Simon Pinbacks

December 6, 2015

My Forever Treasures is beaming, as we offer rare pinback memories, from the careers of Bob Dylan and Paul Simon. Both are considered, American Songwriting Royalty.  Bob and Paul are multiple Grammy winners, idolized for decades.   Our first treasure, is a 1970 Bob Dylan “Tarantula” promotional pinback. “Tarantula” was Bob Dylan’s first book. The pinback is 2 1/2″ and especially rare, as the publisher barely promoted the book. Dylan’s trademark, is his ability, to raise the standard of excellence, for lyrical music. “Like A Rolling Stone,” has critics and fans celebrating Bob Dylan, as America’s greatest musical poet.  He had no intention or ever signed, to write this book. His manager, accepted the publisher’s offer, without Bob’s consent. The demand, didn’t sit well = at all!!   “Tarantula” has Bob Dylan, writing in a streaming subconsciousness style, often appearing to be experimental prose.  He uses a systematic derangement of the senses.The 143 pages, are characterized by an irrational arrangement of material. It’s Dylan’s version of Anti-Art ! The most quoted thought, has Bob Dylan offer, “Now is not the time to get silly.” “Put on your clown’s boots and jump on the garbage.”  Most literary reviewers said, “Buy his […]


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