Big Data Visualization Takes Us To New Depths

November 27, 2015

Seventy one percent of Earth’s surface is covered with water, which makes it extremely difficult to explore every bit of it. The exploration of deep sea life has exposed wild life that almost looks as if they are from other planets and we are just skimming the surface. Other regions of water are too difficult to observe due to harsh weather conditions, such as Antarctica.

A team of scientists have used a super computer in Australia to process an incredible amount of data and turn it into a visualization of the movement on the water surrounding Antarctica. This is a huge feat considering the freezing cold conditions have kept researchers from being able to monitor the water for extended periods of time.

The deepest parts of the freezing water can now be monitored in an ocean model that shows the patterns in the water’s movement. It is important to research the movement patterns of these waters, for they help us learn more about climate change.

Thanks to Big Data we are now able to see these freezing waters in a whole new way… without venturing into the cold harsh conditions!

As the technology become faster scientists will be able to process the data more quickly, hopefully allowing us to get a real time look at the Antarctica waters. Learn about how else Big Data is tracking our Earth’s natural wonders and allowing us to monitor the effects of climate change by reading this short article!


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