Saving Lives With 3D Printing Technology.

November 19, 2015

3D-printed homes are useful, especially given the fact that the United Nations predicts that there will be a need for almost 100,000 new homes per day for the next 15 years. With the cost and energy requirements being so low in things like disaster situations, being able to 3D-print homes could change how we deal with disasters. The Big Delta itself is supported by a large metal frame that is 20 feet in diameter and has rotating nozzles that double as mixers to keep the materials being used homogeneously without taking up too much energy. The materials used range from things like mud to clay that is structurally reinforced with chemical additives. The Big Delta, is the largest delta 3D printer in the world. The printer is 40 feet tall and was created with a goal of building next to zero-cost housing. 3D Printing technology saves money. And in this case, can save families and loves.


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