Global Business SlideShow – 10 Questions To Ask In International Sales

November 18, 2015
Global Business – 10 Questions To Ask In International Sales from Bill Decker

. Does this market require local sales talent?

. In face-to-face meetings, are there any cultural conventions that the American sales person should observe?

. Is the sales person held to a different ethical standard than is the population in general?

. What are the possible negative consequences if conventions or standards are overlooked?

. What traits or qualities are considered admirable for a sales person to display?

. What behavior is considered to be offensive?

. Sales people in any culture must be assertive to a degree. At what point does assertiveness become interpreted as aggressiveness in this culture?

. Are there specific selling techniques in this industry that are particularly effective in this culture?

. How important is call preparation?

. Is it necessary to work with administrative assistants?

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