Big Data Drives Pinterest Into The Future

November 14, 2015

Pinterest is most commonly known as an app for DIY, stay at home moms who have it all together. Although there is some validity to that assumption, Pinterest is a wonderful tool anyone can use to find answers to almost any question. I personally use Pinterest like I would use Google; anything I need to know I look to Pinterest to find, because I trust its resources and know that the remedies have been tried and tested in real world scenarios.

With more and more people turning to Pinterest for information, it is becoming a popular site for business marketing. Companies can hide adds in pins that look like they came from the trusted neighborly mom. Pinterest is enhancing the ability for companies to market their products by enhancing their search engine through Big Data analytics. Pinterest has always utilized Big Data to recommended pins based on personal preference and habit, but not they are taking it to a whole other level.

Pinterest is using machine learning techniques to turn pictures into quantifiable data that can aid in more customized searches. Now when a user looks at a picture of an outfit and they particularly like the boots in that picture, they can click solely on the boots. By clicking this one section of the picture they will be redirected to thousands of other pins that feature those boots- who they were designed by, where can you by them, and customer reviews.  This is an amazing new invention in technology and is not only going to make online shopping ten times more efficient and accessible, but help businesses market their products in real world scenarios.

People are much more likely to buy a pillow they see on a trendy couch in a well designed living room rather than that same pillow by itself up against a blank backdrop. Consumers want to see what the product is going to look like when they bring it home. This is also a great way for companies to allow their customers to market for them. When a girl pins a picture of her outfit, she will now be marketing for each piece of clothing she is displaying. Anyone can click on her sweater or hat and instant access where to purchase it. This is going to save companies a lot of money and time on marketing if they learn how to use Pinterest to their benefit.


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