Data Visualization: Gallery of Big Data Photos

November 10, 2015

Because everyone loves photos. Browse through these photos, provided by the Internet of Things.

The internet has been a major contributor of information and data. It allows us to create, distribute and capture digital data from all over the world.

Now our “Digital Data Creators” are going portable. We have made computers small, portable and easy to carry; laptops have become insanely small, powerful and fast. Furthermore, everyone has a cell phone and everyone brings it everywhere. Well, nearly everyone. 5.1 billion of the 7 billion people on Earth own a cell phone.  And now with smart watches, fit bits, and other types of wearable data, we create data everywhere we go.

→ More Big Data Facts Here

This is why they call it the “Big Data Revolution.” Because of the Plethora of Data that exists, it is transforming our world.

Enjoy the Big Data Photos! Follow us on Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr for more Pictures!


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