Vintage Mother Teresa Hand Signed Photograph

November 9, 2015

The child who would become Mother Teresa, was born in 1910. At a very early age, she was overwhelmed by her religious desires.  Other children went to the school yard to play. She found herself, going to church, and praying just for fun. As an adult , this would become her only hobby. During her childhood, analytic findings offered,  she had “Saint Potential.”   To take advantage of this gift, at 18 she studied at a convent in Ireland.  Many girls her age were drawn to fashion, boys and fun.  She found herself giddy, at the prospects of poverty, chastity and obedience.  She took her vows in 1928 and final vows as a missionary, in 1937.   In 1946, Sister Teresa, showed signs of missionary overdrive.  She believed she had a call within a call, to leave the convent for the squalor,  found on the streets of Calcutta. Her ultimate passion, was to  help the poor, abandoned and dying. The Pope granted her wish.  Mother Teresa chose to live among these desperate people as well.  She had her mail delivered, to M. Teresa, Squalor, Calcutta. Every donation, arrived safely.   Mother Theresa created, The Missionaries of Charity. She and 400 […]


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