Data Scientist Plots Epic Trick-Or-Treat Route For His Son

October 31, 2015

The sweetest way you can use Big Data? Optimize your trick-or-treat route!

Data Scientist, Zeeshan-ul-hassan Usmani did just this.

Last year, he had his son collect some data on his candy stockpile. He also did some research on his own. With a compilation of the data, they found some pretty interesting things. And this year, his stockpile will be bigger than ever and will contain less (gross) candy corn and more KitKats.

using predictive analytics, you can get less candy corn while trick or treating this Halloween

What does the route look like? Well, it’s a lot different from last year’s route! They found roughly a quarter of the houses last year did not give out candy. Those houses will be skipped this year (they must use the night efficiently).

How can you guarantee a house will give out candy? If the wife is between 41 and 50, and the husband is between 51 and 60, there is a 100% chance you will get candy.

Usmani was even able to tell his son which houses he should visit to get his favorite candy bars. Although Lollipops are the most common candy that is given out, this year, his son will get far more KitKat bars.

using data analysis, you can find ho to get the most KitKat bars this Halloween

He should also visit the homes of “new kids on the block.” Clearly the newcomers are trying to earn brownie points…or should we say candy points?

The amount of data, knowledge and information Usmani gathered is borderline creepy…but hey! It’s Halloween!


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