3D Printing Industry Investments Ripe For Investors

July 14, 2015

3D Printing Industry Set to Explode: 3 Promising Picks

The 3D Printing industry seems to be on the brink of major transformation, with expanding end markets, influx of players and burgeoning applications for the technology. We believe that as 3D printing begins to permeate across more sectors, the time is ripe for investors to enter the arena and ride the impending wave of growth.


“Digital Cobbler” Feetz Walks Off With $1.3 Million for 3-D Printed Shoes

Feetz Inc., a Tennessee-based startup that calls itself a “digital cobbler,” as it makes custom footwear with 3-D printers, has raised $1.25 million in seed funding to begin offering its goods to consumers, the company said.


Metal 3D Printing Startup MatterFab Raises $5.75 Million From GE Ventures

MatterFab wants to change the way metal 3D printing is done by making the process more scalable and affordable. It’s raised $5.75 million in funding to continue to refine its 3D printing technology and get its printers onto the production lines of industrial manufacturers.

GE is an interesting investor, considering the manufacturer’s decision to adopt 3D printing for some custom parts was part of the inspiration for MatterFab’s founding.


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